-What's Included With Our Commercial Cleaning Service?-

Our commercial clients range in size from small offices cleaned once per month to large facilities serviced every day of the week.

Here is an example of a typical cleaning we provide for our customers....


We Dust all flat surfaces, picture frames, baseboards and trim, desks, electronics, light fixtures, etc.... 


We Vacuum all floors, upholstery and all corners of the room high and low. 


We microfiber wet mop all hardwood and tile floors.


We sanitize all common touch points such as phones, door knobs and light switches.


Bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized top to bottom, including all hand rails, fixtures, urinals and toilets.


Breakrooms are cleaned and sanitized, including appliances, fixtures, tables and chairs. 

Entry Windows are cleaned (Interior & Exterior)


We empty all garbage cans and waste paper baskets.

We also provide specialty cleaning services such as VCT Strip & Waxing.

We are happy to clean for you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Whatever is convenient for you.


Please contact our licensed and insured business for a free quote by filling in the form below or calling our business at 518-579-9474